Kids and Chiropractic

Often times when a new patient comes to our clinic and sees an infant being adjusted, the initial comment usually is "I didn't know that you treated children" Think about this however; the spine is subjected to stress from the very moment of birth. I hear from parents that they appreciate the importance of regular check-ups for their child's teeth, eyes, ears, but they draw a blank when it comes to a spinal check-up. Yet that could be one of the most important check-ups your child will ever have.

Childbirth itself is the first shock to the spine and nervous system that an infant receives. Think about the pressure on the infant's spine at the time of labor, and the pull on the infant's head and neck even during "normal" uncomplicated deliveries. 95% of subluxations (spine misalignment causing decreased function of the nerve at that level) are caused by the process of being born-even in adults!

Dr. Towbin, a Harvard Medical School specialist, found that approximately 85% of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a direct result of trauma to the infant's spine during the process of birth.

As well, Dr. Gutmann, a German specialist, found that 80% of all children have a Subluxation in the upper part of the neck. He has shown that this type of subluxation can cause lowered resistance to infection, frequent colds, ear problems, chronic tonsilitis,etc. Clinical research also indicates that these problems also respond FASTER with a chiropractic adjustment than antibitotic therapy.

Dr. Lundgren treating one of his young patients. After three visits this 8 week old girl has had her acid reflux diagnosis alleviated.

A common result of an uncorrected childhood subluxation is a condition know as scoliosis (abnormal lateral curvature of the spine) most often the result of pelvic malfunction.

Vertebral subluxations in infants can be caused by: Wearing tight diapers thst don't allow hip movement and development. Being placed in "jolly Jumpers" which stress spinal discs before they are fully developed. Throwing your child into the air and there by creating "whiplash" mictrotrauma to the delicate spine and nervous system. The usual processes of crawling, walking, running can create vertebral subluxations also. If allowed to remain these subluxations then become the starting point of nervous system and body malfunction. Much like a snowball rolling downhill- gathering speed and momentum. If not corrected, vertebral subluxations can lead to degeneration of the discs, abnormal calcium deposits, ligament instability and the onset of arthritis. Not a good thing.

Proper spinal care is essential to your child's health. Please let me check your child for subluxations

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